Chairman's Letter


It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as Founder Promoter of Loyal Hospitality Pvt Ltd.  I have been in the Restaurant Industry for over 26 years with great commitment and Innovations.  

Organic Growth of the restaurants in the last few years is very optimistic and the radical change in the behavior patterns of consumption has led to huge demand, innovations and technical trends has added value with lot of aggregators creating demand across the regions. This has led to indirect pressure on the restaurants to think exponential expansions.

One of the persistent problem of all the restaurants is that they are not able to meet desired expansion plans. Market has grown substantially in the last few years that even best of the brands are not able to expand across if grown organically. Few of the challenges small resto face to grow beyond 2-3 restaurants are Capital, employee, operations and adaption of technology but trust me there are quite a few players who are small but strong.

In the near future there is going to be a peculiar problem of supply from the resto partners across the Globe, one of the prime reasons for this would be the IoT revolution and the Aggregators for creating artificial market which if in a normal scenario would have taken a decade to grow.

Of late the aggregators are facing a big challenge of supply and all the consumers on the platforms expect all the brands and cuisines to be available across, all the aggregators have started multiple platforms to help expand the strong brands but the most challenging task in this scenario to grow through dark kitchens is the expertise to manage these dark kitchens.

What will make this happen?  In my mind, it is going to be key partnerships with Restaurant partners, investor communities and a team of professionals that shall have wherewithal and expertise to realize those dreams and to bring to life a vision that has a solid foundation.  I am sure with proven track record, we can do it together.

It is with this vision that I started Loyal Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. I take this opportunity to invite all the parties related to come to gather in creating markets.

We are poised to open 600 outlets (Each outlet to have 30-40 Kitchens i.e. 18000-24000 Kitchens) in 3 to 4 years across 30 cities. A journey where a strong traditional business meets the modern savvy, where a strong foundation meets the wings of professional management and where dreams are turned to reality.

I welcome all

Sincerely yours,

Junaiz K.
Founder & CMD
Loyal Hospitality Pvt Ltd.